Ride Availability

GET /v1/products

Get real time information about Ola rides available at a given user location. Access the following information by providing the location (latitude & longitude) of your user.

  • Rides currently available near the location.
  • Categories that the rides belong to.
  • Estimated time of arrival.
  • Ride fare in rupees.
  • Ride Cancellation Policy.
  • Fare details include standard fare and other applicable charges such as peak pricing.

Note : Fares, ride categories available and cancellation policy differ from city to city. Please visit our website for more details.

Name Data Type Description Type
pickup_lat float The latitude part of the pickup location. Payload
pickup_lng float The longitude part of the pickup location. Payload
category string

[Optional] Category id of the product

Possible values:

  1. micro
  2. mini
  3. sedan
  4. prime
  5. lux
  6. suv
  7. rental
  8. share
  9. outstation
X-APP-TOKEN string Key which identifies the partner Header

Example Request



Example Response

  "categories": [
      "id": "mini",
      "display_name": "Mini",
      "currency": "INR",
      "distance_unit": "kilometre",
      "time_unit": "minute",
      "eta": 1,
      "distance": "0.2",
      "ride_later_enabled": "true",
      "image": "http://d1foexe15giopy.cloudfront.net/mini.png",
      "fare_breakup": [
          "type": "flat_rate",
          "minimum_distance": "4",
          "minimum_time": "0",
          "base_fare": "80",
          "minimum_fare": "0",
          "cost_per_distance": "10",
          "waiting_cost_per_minute": "0",
          "ride_cost_per_minute": "1",
          "rates_higher_than_usual": false,
          "surcharge": []
          "type": "airport_rate",
          "minimum_distance": "25",
          "minimum_time": "0",
          "base_fare": "499",
          "minimum_fare": "0",
          "cost_per_distance": "13",
          "waiting_cost_per_minute": "0",
          "ride_cost_per_minute": "1",
          "rates_higher_than_usual": false,
          "surcharge": []
      "cancellation_policy": {
        "cancellation_charge": 50,
        "currency": "INR",
        "cancellation_charge_applies_after_time": 5,
        "time_unit": "minute"
  "ride_estimate": {}


  • At a particular location if any requested product is not present, then "eta": -1 will come in the response for that category.
  • In case of Autos, some cities have night charges and some don't. Where night charges are not applicable, response will contain "night_time_charges": "NA" and "night_time_duration": "NA".
  • Ride estimate tag will be empty for Ride Availability api. It will contain data in case Ride Estimate API is called.
  • There can be multiple rate cards for any product. For e.g. Flat Rate card, Airport Rate card. You can check more on this in Ola App by opening Rate Card tab in the side navigation panel.
  • During peak hours, surcharge might be applicable otherwise it will be an empty array. As you can see for the prime category in the above example response.