Deep Linking

Brief Description:

To enable affiliates to seamlessly integrate with Ola, and enable users to book cabs once they click on the link on affiliate App or Website and land on Ola platforms.


  • Web Deep Link (Available only in India):

    This link will open Ola website ( and can be opened as a system webview within the Affiliate App.
    End Point:

  • App Deep Link:

    This link will open Ola App if present on the mobile device, else will redirect user to Play Store or App Store for app download.
    End Point:olacabs://app/launch?

  • Universal Link:

    The link will open Ola app if it is present on the mobile device, else it will redirect the user to the Ola website ( This will work only if opened in a mobile browser and will NOT work if it opened as a web-view.
    End Point:

  • URL Parameters:

    Partner app can send the below parameters in the URL in order to give user context and help in better conversion once user lands on Ola platform. Mandatory ones are highlighted in yellow.

    • Source Identifier (This attributes booking to affiliate partner and is Mandatory)
      • utm_source = XAPP token received from Ola

    • Pickup Location coordinates (If not sent, pickup will default to current location)
      • lat = Latitude of the desired pickup point, lng = Latitude of the desired pickup point

    • Drop Location coordinates
      • drop_lat = Latitude of the destination, drop_lng = Longitude of the destination

    • Category (Car category desired - considered only in App flow currently)

      Public Name Value to be passed
      Micro micro
      Mini compact
      Sedan economy_sedan
      Prime luxury_sedan
      Share share
      Auto auto
      Lux lux
      Prime Play prime_play
      Prime SUV economy_suv
      Outstation outstation
      Rentals local
      Bike bike
    • Location to be displayed (if using Universal Link or App Link)
      • address = Pickup Address string, drop_address = Drop Address string

    • Location to be displayed (if using Web Deep Link)
      • pickup_name = Pickup Address string, drop_name = Drop Address string

    • Ride Type

      • bk_act = <ride_type> (if using Universal Link or App Link, considered only in App flow)
        • rn - Ride Now (opens confirmation page)
        • rl - Ride Later (opens date-time picker)
        • "none" or default - No Action (opens main page and user can choose Now or Later)
      • when = <ride_type> (if using Web Deep link)
        • later - Ride Later
    • dsw = yes (if using Web Deep link)

    • landing_page = bk (if using Universal link or App link)

    Sample URL: